Hartebeest Alcelaphus buselaphus lelwel x cokiii

Cokes Hartebeest Alcelaphus buselaphus lelwel x cokiii The Hybrid found in Meru National Park and resembles Coke’s more than Jackson’s. It can hybridize with Lelwel hartebeest to make the Kenya Highland hartebeest (Alcelaphus buselaphus lelwel x cokii).
The ones in Meru are unique. DNA research conducted by Nicholas Georgiadis and Collins Ouma determined that there are three separate Coke’s/Lelwel hartebeest hybrid populations in Kenya, and one of them is confined only to Meru National Park. Though morphologically close the Coke’s hartebeest, the Meru hartebeest was found not to be genetically closely aligned with Coke’s. The wide Tana River to the south and the Nyambene Hills to the west are likely responsible for isolating this population. Safaridude

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