A collection of photos and videos from Murera Springs in Meru, a hidden jewel away from the crowds. Click on album and click on photo/ video and dream away.


A brief introduction to Murera Springs and the Complete Wilderness of Meru.

Game Drives

High value- low density. High quality wildlife experiences and almost no other visitors. Meru is a hidden gem.

Murera Springs

The camp area is for activities or relaxing. Our small jungle is a green oasis with many colourful birds and butterflies. Fun for kids of all ages.

Lions in Meru

Some world famous, some maneless, some born free, some from London, some disneyfied, some not... Merus lions stories are the best to tell by the campfire. Elsa, Christian and Mugie. 

Places to visit

More than wildlife and Born Free. There is a lot of places to visit in Meru, many with connection to Adamson. A careful analytical study of Meru in a historical aspect reveals a rather colourful history of the park that will leave many yearning for more than Elsas story. 

Safaris- videos

Listen to Leo DiCaprio or Coldplay classic para-para-paradise and Merus stunning sceneries and iconic wildlife in complete wilderness of Meru. 

Adamsons footstep- videos

Meet the famous Meruans, George, Joy looking for injured Elsa with David Attenborugh in black and white, to Christian the lion and the reunion, Hollywood movie "Walking with Lions" with Richard Harris playing George.
And the world was not in black and white at Elsa's time, as there is one clip with Elsa and her sisters in colour. Get the stories behind the famous Meruans

Murera Springs- videos

Our videos


The untamed wilderness in Meru is renowned for its rhino and kudu sightings and the rare northern species. Meru hosts a stunning variety and is the home of most African savannah animals. Meet the famous Big 5, Northern 5 and kudus, all big cats, rare antelopes, crocodile infested rivers and even the most legendary cats- the black/ melanistic versions of Leopard and Serval.

Big 5

The famous big 5

Northern 5

This is the special Northern 5, species you see in Meru but in few other parks,

Meru specials

Some of our special mammals

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