Lion Panthera leo

Lion Panthera leo is our most famed animal and Elsa the lioness and Christian the lion was rehabilitiated to the wild in Meru. Elsa was the star in Born Free, a movie recorded in Meru 50 years ago and Christian went viral when he hugged his previous owners in the reunion at Kora Rock viewed over 100 million times on youtube.

The mane of lions in Meru are much shorter than in Mara, mainly because of the hotter climate. Can be tricky to find in the rain season when the grass is tall and they follow the prey, which are then not depending on water from the streams. If you encounter a lion with big mane it might be one of Christians grandsons. He was last seen in Meru. And no, Elsas cubs were translocated to Serengeti.
Look in the shadow below tall trees and even high up in the trees, as some females are good climbers.

Young lions
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