Welcome to our wildlife extravaganza!
The untamed wilderness in Meru is renowned for its rhino and kudu sightings and the rare northern species. The big cats are here but wild and shy and not semidomesticated as in other parks so you will see them in the natural habitat and never jump on cars.
The Rhino sanctuary hosts both black and white Rhinos and some lucky guests have even seen the Big-5 in a morning drive.

How many of our Northern 5 have you spotted? Gerenuk, oryx, reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich (with blue neck) and Grevy’s Zebra are usually found during game drives. Add the Kudu and you get the prime targets you see here but not in many other parks. An impressive Checklist it is.

Recently a black serval was spotted here and yes, a couple of years ago the most legendary cat, the Black Leopard was spotted here, also known as Panther.

Meru is a birders paradise with over 500 species including “holy grailers” Pel’s Fishing Owl, Crowned Eagle and Finfoot. In Murera Springs we host the rare Hinde’s Pied Babbler, only found in Kenya and many colourful species. Both morphs of Paradise Flycatcher, rollers (including Broad-billed), kingfishers, bee-eaters, hornbills, orioles, parrot, sun-birds, owls, eagles (both monkey-eaters Martial and Long-Crested but not yet Crowned), Narina trogon and many famous Eurasian visitors like barn swallows and nightingales.

Meru offers the ultimate fresh water fishing experience, an anglers paradise with over a dozen intertwining pristine rivers heaving with a diversity of fish species, pushing their way to the mighty, wild and secretive Tana River. Welcome to Meru National Park, an exceptional fishing destination.

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